International Preparatory Class at Waldschule - GSL (German as a second language)

All new students who do not speak German yet, or have only been learning German for a short time, will first join this preparatory class. 

There they are welcomed by four experienced teachers, who will assist each student in their process of learning the new language and who will support, encourage and challenge them according to their individual level of competence. For this reason, the groups in this class are small and progress is documented on an individual basis.


The lessons in this class follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The material used is diverse and tailored to each students’ needs, it is designed to help them acquire competence levels A1, A2 and higher.   

The classes are designed to build competence and confidence in all aspects of language learning, i.e. vocabulary and grammatical structures, listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing.  


Another important focus is learning about German life, culture and history. The teacher for Social Studies (“Gesellschaftslehre”) is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. In addition to the lessons in the classroom, joint excursions to various places outside the school will allow a broad and first-hand experience.   

Other subjects are taught in the Preparatory Class too.


In Mathematics, a Russian-speaking teacher will help the students catch up with the curriculum as well as acquire correct German terminology.  


In addition, all students will join a regular class of their own age group, so they can begin to feel more and more at home and form friendships with German classmates. As their knowledge of German grows, they will take part in more and more regular lessons, beginning with the subjects PE/Sports, Art and Music. 

Unlike the regular classes, each student in the Preparatory Class will receive an individual timetable, which will be adapted and updated regularly in order to secure maximum optimum progress.   


The four teachers in our Preparatory Class stand out for their flexibility, spontaneity and international experience. Among them, they speak English, French, Ukrainian and Russian and can thus respond to each student’s individual needs, as well as be aware of their stronger and weaker spots.  


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